Single Mothers

Her beautiful face shield so many tears and lonely nights as being one of the single mothers in the word. No one told her all the sacrifices she will have to make for her child/children or how hard it was to be a single parent. She never imagines in her lifetime that she will be a single mother.

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Single Mothers You Are Loved

Instead, that’s only the beginning because God will send her a God-fearing husband to accept her kids as his own children. While, she walks no one told her that she would struggle to get to the top. (And) still, her life shouldn’t be like this because she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth so what went wrong in her life.

Well, nothing went wrong in her life, the closer you get to God, the devil will be on you even more. In John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Nonetheless, the enemy knows the plans God has for you, so he tries to stop it before you are even able to reach your destiny in life!

It Is Now Time to Forgive Yourself, Let It Go & Move on

It’s sad because many people fall for his trap but not her because all her struggles in life made her stronger and wiser so don’t let her cute face fool you. She will not let the enemy win or take control of her life; she has come too far to give up on God now. What God has done for her in her life, couldn’t nobody has done it but God. 

Where she is at in her life right now took time. It just didn’t happen overnight. She made time for God on sleepless nights when she couldn’t sleep at night. She would write letters to God, and He would speak to her. Therefore, it is now time for her to forgive herself and move on.

Jesus Christ Was Her Only Way Out

There were days when she didn’t even know which way to go but she knew Jesus Christ, so she went to him. As a result, she did not go to anyone else because no one else could help her or work it out but God. It was days when she felt like she had nothing to give so she gave God her heart.

In fact, she did not have money, but she gave what she did have. She had no excuses, so she went to her Heavenly Father. People look at her, all they saw was a lifestyle, but they don’t see her struggles, heartache or pain. However, she gave her life completely over to The Lord.

God will Always Be With Her

Therefore, she didn’t care if she failed or not, she lost so much but each time God always double what she lost. Failure was not an option for her because God always promoted her higher. She learned what it was like to live by faith and not an income. God told her to leave her homeland because she will rule many nations.

All along she was building a nation without a bank account. God was her source of income; she depends on God like never before. He increases her income dramatically, but she always sows seeds and help others on the way! So don’t tell her what God can’t do! The same thing God did for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He will do it for you. You just must have the faith of Abraham!

Love Conquers It All

Regardless, I love you all be blessed, remember God has a purpose for your life and you never know who you are raising. Besides, you are raising the next prophet, apostle, king or queen of the next generations.

Love always, I pray that you will become a woman of courage and you will move mountains in Jesus Name!

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